Have a look what we scheduled for you!

Lets start the Debugging, Decoding, Developing journey!

20 Dec - 14 Jan

Mentee Registration

Registration period for Mentees!

20 Dec - 7 Jan

Mentor Registration

Registration period for Mentors!

10 Jan

Project Announced

The wait is over! We are going to reveal the selected projects.

10 Jan - 14 Jan

Community Bonding

Interact with your mentors and get to know about the projects

15 Jan

Coding for Phase 1 starts

Finally the moment is here, You can start working on your desired projects. Code Hard!

15 Feb

Phase II Begins, End of Phase I

The first phase of the event ends here & second phase starts!

25 Feb

Phase II Ends - JWoC Ends

The final stage concludes here!

28 Feb

Official Result Announcement

Standup for the Champions! Get Here!